A Leadership Vacuum
Nature abhors a vacuum. And so does your team.

According to Wikipedia, a vacuum is a space that is empty of matter. A natural vacuum in nature cannot persist for very long; it will be filled with something.
black hole
The same is true for leadership and our teams. If there is a vacuum or absence of leadership in your team, that void will be filled by someone or some combination of people. The dominant personalities will take charge and drive the direction of the team.
Renowned Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf knew this to be true. When talking with young officers, he frequently offered this advice. “When in charge, take charge.” He was not suggesting that the young lieutenants be demanding, rude, or unreasonable. He was, however, encouraging them to take full responsibility of their teams and to lead their soldiers effectively.
One of the most difficult transitions in business is to go from being a peer to being a boss of your former peers. With effort, persistence, and knowledge, it can be done.

So how are you doing? Is there a void of leadership in your team? If so, it’s time to step up and fill the vacuum.


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