Technical Consulting

Information is power and we help companies manage and use information better. Whether it’s selecting a new CRM application or improving the performance of an existing application, our consultants can help.

Here are some typical engagements:

  • Performance. Solving performance problems on key Microsoft SQL Server systems
  • Architecture. Design custom applications and solution when an off-the-shelf package simply doesn’t meet your needs
  • Standardization. Analyzing and ensuring your database systems for adherence to industry best practices
  • Augmentation. Providing part time or fractal development, DBA, and network administration
  • Projects. Assisting with special and highly skilled projects when you don’t have the time or expertise to tackle it internally

Team Consulting for Performance

Some teams deliver world-class results, on-time and under budget. Others struggle to “keep the lights on.” The difference? Highly functional teams have the tools and processes in place to effectively work together. Our consultants can help identify impediments to productivity to transform an underperforming team into a team that delivers on its commitments.

Here are some typical scenarios where our consultants can help:

  • Performance. A development team is constantly late, cutting features and delaying releases.
  • Cohesion. A networking team struggles to complement other team members skills, working independently rather than toward a common goal.
  • Communication. A help desk lacks the tools and knowledge to effectively communicate their expertise to the business.

Individual Coaching for Growth

Our coaches can help your people to live up to their potential. We help them learn to make better decisions, to solve problems that are holding them back, to learn new skills, and to grow in their careers. Whether is a top performer that needs polishing or a lackluster individual contributor, our coaches can help.